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Thee Olive Tree Limited.

We firmly believe that enjoying good food is one of the central elements of a happy life. A tradition of sharing relaxed meals, making each a celebration gives lots of pleasure. Our olives and sundries are prepared with love, care and imagination using the freshest ingredients to let them go beyond taste to engage all the senses and make you feel great.We are passionate about sourcing and supplying the finest varietal olives from Greece, Marocco, Tunisia, Italy and Spain, marinated & dipped in herbs, or stuffed with feta, pimento, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, piri piri, almonds & anchovies. Olives as well as nutty young artichokes with herbs infused in virgin olive oil, sweet tomatoes, dried in the Sardinian sunshine and marinated with herbs are perfect as a snack. Perfect for any parties or meeting or in a great number of recipes.